What should you expect on a drift dive?

A drift dive is a recreational dive where you let the current carry you and are is a relaxing way to enjoy the the water and see some beautiful fish and scenery without disturbing them. Functionally, the divers get off the boat, head down to a depth, find their buoyancy and the current do the work. Often a guide will float a buoy and as you move along the dive, the dive boat will follow along behind the buoy. Once you run low on air, simply head to the surface and the boat will retrieve you.  Easy and relaxing.

As the current carries you along buoyancy is the key.  Use your breath instead of the low-pressure inflator to control small adjustments. Take a deep breath to rise slightly and exhale to drop a little lower if needed.

A drift dive is a great way to end a long day of diving and give you one last chance to enjoy the scenery before heading back to the resort. All the skills you need to know to enjoy a drift dive are covered in the PADI Open Water SCUBA certification course or can be refined by taking the specialty course Peak Performance Buoyancy. Feel free to stop in and ask one of our staff members about their drift diving experiences.

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