What should I take on a SCUBA diving trip?

Going on your first dive trip can be a daunting experience. Worrying about the conditions you will face at a new dive site, dealing with unfamiliar staff and groups of divers, and all the other considerations of traveling can be a little overwhelming, but you shouldn’t have to worry about what gear to bring on top of it all. The basic gear you will need on any dive trip is:

  •     Mask
  •     Snorkel
  •     Fins (and booties for open foot designs)
  •     Swimsuit
  •     Log Book
  •     Dive Computer (if you own one)
  •     Dive Tables
  •     Certification Cards
  •     Desire to Have Fun

All this gear can easily fit in a small duffel bag or the bottom of your wheeled suitcase. If you have your own set of regulators, I would highly recommend bringing them as well because it is always bet to use equipment you are comfortable with. Bringing your own BCD is also a good idea, but if you are trying to travel light or just don’t have enough room for it don’t worry; BCDs are available for rental at all the popular dive destinations. Lastly, you will probably want to bring your own wet suit or skin suit and gloves appropriate for the temperature of the water you will be diving in and to protect you from bumping into fire coral or a colony of bristle worms. Feel free to come in and talk with one of our staff members if you have any questions as to what gear is appropriate for your trip or any other questions you might have about traveling with dive gear or dealing with the TSA or customs. Most importantly enjoy your trip!

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