SCUBA Diving in Kansas?

Why would I want to go SCUBA diving in Kansas is a question asked by many prospective students, and an easily answered one.

The Midwest is a great place to learn the basics of SCUBA diving or practice more advanced skills because of the unique conditions here. True, the conditions can make training here a little more challenging, but when you get to go on that vacation to Jamaica of the Florida Keys you will be more than prepared for whatever dive conditions you face.

The Midwest also offers plenty of unique sights to see underwater. Flooded mines still full of equipment, sunken boats and planes, small towns that were flooded when new dams were built, and catfish almost as big as you are.

All that aside, the best reason to dive in the Midwest is that it is fun. A weekend dive trip gives you a great chance to unwind and kick back with your friends at the lake. If you have any questions about dive sites in the Midwest feel free to stop in and ask us or join us on one of our lake weekends for some good diving and good fun.

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